Photography is an investment.

Take it from me. I am so thankful for all the photos I've captured during major milestones and fleeting moments. You can ask anyone who knows me — they'll tell you that my apartment is covered in photos! I practice what I preach, because I really do believe that photographs are forever. As a little girl my parents always flipped through photo albums with me, showing me what they looked like at the age I am now, reliving memories of vacations, road trips, dates, and friends I couldn't have experienced if not for those images. I can't wait to do the same for my future children.

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Photography is also an art.

I encourage everyone who asks me for photos to first shop around for the style of photography that they like. Some photographers enjoy clear, sharp lines and contours brought on by a sharp flash. Others only swear by natural lighting. Some will provide heavily saturated, overexposed photos; and some will give you a photo only exactly as they shot it, no edits.

Some are experienced in fashion photography and glamour shots, while others are better for events, from wedding-specific poses to newborn pictures. 

So, before you make the investment, know for sure the photographer you hire shares your vision.

If I fit that description for you, then I'm your girl! 

I am booking now for 2017 sessions! Contact me at to schedule your photo session today. 

Basic 1-hr Photo Session: $200
Includes one hour of on-location shooting and digital images

Additional Locations or Outfits: $50 each (unless otherwise arranged)
Includes time for the session, editing, and processing.

Additional Session Time: $100 per hour; $50 per 1/2 hour

Special! 30-minute Christmas Photo Session: $100

Event Photography: 

Covers the entire event and all photos and editing required

 - Up to 3 hours: $100/hour

- 3-5 hours: $600 flat rate*

- All-Day Event (over 5 hours): $1,000 flat rate; excludes weddings. 

*The flat rate covers the entire event, all photos and editing, and an additional photographer (if necessary) to guarantee maximum coverage.


Please keep in mind that this is my hobby, not my full-time job. I love photographing clients because I love the beauty of the medium and making people smile. Email is the best way to reach me, and I appreciate your patience as I get back to you (I'm usually quick to respond!).

You can order prints of any images on my website. Simply click 'Add to Cart' in any gallery.